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ICPR2024: Interdisciplinary Conference for Psychedelic Research



Phil Haarlem
Lange Begijnestraat 11
2011 HH Haarlem




ICPR stands out as Europe’s top-tier scientific conference with a dedicated focus on advancing psychedelic research and therapies. Organised by the OPEN Foundation since 2010, this remarkable event is now gearing up for its sixth edition
following the success of ICPR 2022. We are delighted to announce its return in 2024.

ICPR is an ambitious academic conference focused on high quality scientific research into all aspects of psychedelics and the psychedelic experience. It aims to facilitate a dialogue between the diverse academic disciplines that study psychedelics, ranging from psychiatry, psychopharmacology and neurobiology to cultural anthropology and religious studies, and everything in between and beyond.

ICPR will host keynote lectures, panel discussions, debates and practically oriented workshops for clinicians, therapists, students, researchers and policy makers. From graduate students to full professors, from resident psychiatrists to renowned scholars, what connects attendees is a curious, critical, constructive and careful scrutiny of the scientific study of psychedelics.


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